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Drakensang the River of Time ! The Prequel to Drakensang, though it was released 1 year later. The events inside are playing 40 years before the original ! The marketing around this Prequel was really poor, in fact in some countries the only way to get it was from illegal sources…


First i have to say that i am truly sad to have learned that the studio behind Drakensang, Radon Labs, have gone Bankrupt… and that it was brought back from the dead only to be converted to a “silly” Online version of Drakensang. All of that because of a very bad marketing…

Why ? because after playing Drakensang… The River of Time Prequel is like a Jewel ! like a ring in your hand that you call “Your precious” ! This RPG is simply great, it has improved graphics, full audio for dialogs, and it’s quite impossible to get bored ! Frankly it’s awesome !

There was one Expansion to TroT called Phileasson’s Secret, but the marketing around it was absolutely SHIT. If Trot was unknown to many, Phil’s Secret was completely out of the galaxy lol… Frankly apart from north america, it was better to download it “illegally” ! and i did so i am also going to review it 🙂

In The River of Time, you’re following the EPIC adventures of Ardo and his group. You won’t actually be Ardo, you’ll create your own character ! But if you played to Drakensang, TroT will bring you back memories, and you’ll understand things that will happen 40 years later.

Drakensang 2 the River of Time pc game review screenshot #1Drakensang 2 the River of Time pc game review screenshot #2Drakensang 2 the River of Time pc game review screenshot #3Drakensang 2 the River of Time pc game review screenshot #4Drakensang 2 the River of Time pc game review screenshot #5Drakensang 2 the River of Time pc game review screenshot #6

Originally… exploring new locations in Drakensang would result in a Zone “lock down”, after you would have completed the part of the storyline in this location. In TroT this is over and you’ll be able to go back again and again to any locations on the map. Besides as the storyline will be unveiled, more side quests missions will appear here and there… So it’s a good thing to speak many times to the same npc’s as you advance through the game.

These Side Quests always were the strength of Drakensang, as most of them are richly designed ! new Cinematics, new events, long side missions and even optional bosses ! In fact skipping the side quests in Trot Would mean “missing” a lot of good stuff and Storyline !

More than in the original episode, TroT is emphasizing the exploration ! You can be sure that every locations are filled with Treasures, hidden at the far end of a map, behind a lost tree, a forgotten house in the ice blizzard, or at the end of a long dark corridor, where nobody told you to go.

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